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Hope and healing often starts with connection.

We are inclusive, and welcome you as you are.

Slow Dance

When we're connecting well in our relationships, communicating is easy, and we feel light on our feet.  But when our relationship is struggling, we struggle also in other aspects of our lives. In these cases, we try our best to fix things to resolve the conflict, but oftentimes we fall short and may feel stuck. In these cases, we may need help. 

At Connect Psychotherapy, I use the most current evidenced based approach for relationship building and repair: The Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT). I am extensively trained in this modality, and will support you and your partner (s). 

Family Counselling

When our bonding moments fall apart, so does our communication, and connection with our love ones. We begin to feel disconnected from the people we care most about. This is painful. In moments like this, we need support to get connected again.

I am trained in Emotionally Focused Family Therapy (EFFT), and have been supporting all types of families to improve their relationships.  

Therapy Session

Sometimes we find ourselves on unfamiliar road, one we never thought we'd be at when things like divorce, death, or or a new diagnosis happens. In this instances, its often challenging to pull ourselves out.

I work with individuals who are struggling with this kind of challenges (trauma, grief, relationship difficulties, and mental health, and fertility difficulties. You will always find a safe place here to process all that's happen.

Trauma Counselling 

Have you recently been in an incident that is making it difficult to just function? Or have you witnessed something that has shaken you to your core? Do you struggle with how to get back to the normal you once had so that you can sleep, drive, and have some peace of mind again? 

I am a trained EMDR trauma Therapist, who can work with you to process all that has happened, or the things that's causing you distress, and get you to a place of wellness. I have extensive experience helping clients with similar difficulties such as motor accidents, violence and assaults, death, war, childhood trauma etc.

    Therapy session
    Life coaching

    Teen & Child Therapy

    For the past 10 years, I have been working with children and youths in community clinics and educational setting to support their mental heath.

    I've supported those with trauma, those who lost a parent or family member, those with depression or anxiety, those with suicidal ideation or are self harming, and those who struggling with socialization. I am trained in various specialized approaches to help teens and kids. 

    Do you have a question?

    Ask here:

    South Office: 424 Butchart Dr, NW. Edmonton, AB. T6R1R1


    Phone: 587-333-8643;    Fax: 587 735-9714

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