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I have been thinking of each of us as our local and global community is spiraling into panic around the Coronavirus pandemic.  These are hard and unsettling days for all of us. I am hoping that we can lean on each other as we seek to weather this storm and come out more resilient, connected, and stronger.  But to do so, we DO need to care for ourselves.  I don’t know what you’ve each been noticing, but I’ve been feeling the fear come closer and closer.  I’ve seen or heard about organizations, conferences, colleges, and then schools closing, not to mention store shelves emptying.  I find myself responding, “Whoa!  What do I need to do to re-regulate and get grounded again?”  Although we deal with dysregulation ALL the time in our lives, this appears a bit more expanded!  

So what can we do, you may ask. I would encourage each of us to lean in to one another.  We will all weather this better TOGETHER! Furthermore, most of us have heard the airlines instructions “When the oxygen masks fall, put one on yourself first, and then assist the person next to you.” So self-care is a MUST at this moment!  Only THEN can we help others appropriately. 

I want you to know that you are NOT alone.  We can pull through this TOGETHER!  Feel free to reach out for support and encourage each other in these days!




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